QUILT – Remembering our Fallen Service Members

Ms. Y. Delilah Marrow (pictured to the left), the National Restoration to Military Families Team honorary board member, created and  handmade the quilt below. A poster board of the Quilt is on display in many places and on back order to be sent to other places. You may also have one for your place beginning at $150. Sponsors (listed on the Quilt) made a $300 contribution and have or will receive a complementary 2’x4′ poster.

The Purpose of the quilt is to:

  • QUILTProvide at no cost to fallen service members’ families Grief Management Coping Skills, and Money Management DVD’s and workshops: empathetic presenceto the hurting, relief to the grieving, and understanding to the children that their loved ones’ death is not in vain; nor are they forgotten.
  •  Provide intentional, pro-active, offsite aftercare consolation calls, cards, and/or virtual visits to fallen Service members’ families.
  •  Remember the numbers-by-state of our fallen Peacemakers in Uniform. The total number of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) service members’ killed-in-action as of May 2011 is 4,452 (see Icasualties.org).
  • Increase awareness and engage the Church and the Country in remembering our beloved family members, heroines and heroes, and friends who died in the Operation Iraqi Freedom (a conflict ended by order of President Barack Obama on 01 September 2010).

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