Soul Fiber: How to Make Everyday New

It is relatively easy to lose count of the number of times we hear or say “HAPPY NEWPj_Photo_2 YEAR” on January 1. It is a common cliché that many say unconsciously. We can make every year and everyday a new and fresh happy occasion on a daily bases. Every day, sooner rather than later after becoming awake, go to you mirror and say to the image in the mirror “Happy New Day.” That sets the tone for the next several hours. Every time something is said, done, or thought that takes youyou’re your game or even slightly distracts you, remember your time in the mirror and say to yourself and to the distraction “Happy New Day.”

One song writer writes: “Great is Your faithfulness…morning my morning new mercies I see….” It’s happening all around you. Person by person, one at a time and perhaps in groups at a time, humanity is connecting with their divinity and waking up to new realities that have been with us from birth. Individuals are beginning to notice nature and spirit, the natural and the spiritual, the common and the cosmos, space and time, eternity and infinity as One. Eckhart makes untold references to awakening the life force that we call Spirit in his book THE POWER OF NOW.

We submit that the most important reference is “You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!” A second reference of great importance is “What appears to us as space in our universe perceived through the mind and the senses is the Unmanifested itself, externalized. It is the ‘body’ of God.” Eckhart further surmises that God is more than with us, God is within us. Somebody once said “when I find myself I find God and when I find God I find myself.” Jesus puts it this way “seek first the realm of God within.”

All these sayings are excellent ways to make every day new.

Please pray for American and Coalition soul’s killed-in-action,

their families and, especially their children.


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