Soul Fiber: Host of God/Hostage of Ego

The Rev. Dr. James Moos, Executive Minister, United Church of Christ’s Wider Church Ministries writes in his article titled Witness for Justice: “Human” Rights:

Why have we not made more progress in the human rights arena? Part of the answer is that, while there is a broadly shared understanding of “rights,” our understanding of “human” remains ill formed. As long as rights remain abstract ideals, they are non-threatening. But when we try to apply rights to this or that group of people it becomes more difficult. The fact is that some people are considered to be “less human” than others.     When our nation’s founders penned the Constitution, slaves of African descent were only counted as being 3/5ths of a human and, therefore, not entitled to “in alienable” rights. Native Americans, women, the poor, immigrants and religious minorities were similarly seen as possessing lesser degrees of human worth and dignity. They, and other marginalized groups, continue to be assigned a lesser value.

Clearly there are authorities (political, religious, law enforcers, legal, physicians, faith-based leaders, psychiatrists, guardians, military/para-military, etc.) who still hold to the idea that there is no ethnicity better than, as good as, or equal to the one percent or minority power brokers. Any time a Black man is sent to jail for dog fighting and White men are set free for killing Black people there seems to be is a pathological resurgence in the idea of who’s more human. Only Black people can effectively address their distresses and only White people can effectively address their issues. Many, not all Black people are homophobic and many, not all White people are xenophobic. However, the minority power brokers do have the influence to address their cultural insensitivity and not lose their god (money).

In the book THE POWER OF NOW, the author talks extensively about living in the now. To live in the past makes you absent from the now. To live in the future denies you the present called now. To live any place other than the now makes you a hostage of ego. To live in the now makes you a hostess/host of God.


Please pray for American and Coalition soul’s killed-in-action,

their families and, especially their children.


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