Soul Fiber: Black Lives Matter Sunday

There is an evolution going on and this evolution is called BLACK LIVES MATTER. The evolution began the day Africans were brought to America and enslaved for profit. Slaves were neither paid nor given credit for their labor in building America’s infrastructure and the hundreds of inventions that made life easier for all parties concerned; cotton gin, traffic lights, and electricity, as examples.     Many Americans believe that we entered into a post racial era at the election of an African American President. Seeming, not even the recent incident of police brutality leading to no-indictments has changed the minds of post racial proponents since the most recent police have been set free from any indictment for choking a Black man to death. The protests against such foolishness appear to be on the increase as well as the number of Black persons being released from wrongful imprisonment after serving twenty, thirty, forty, years for a crime they did not commit. So, what’s up with the grand juries and prosecutors and the police bullies?

Just two weeks ago we began emphasizing and proactively advancing words and behavior to show how much our Black man are loved and appreciated. Further, we are asking them to become self-aware, count themselves special, worthy, and smart. We are also reminded them to seek, find, and live out their purpose and heart’s desire. Everyone is born with purpose – the one thing that only they can fulfill. We likewise reminded Black people that from the beginning the system’s intention is to diminish/destroy the poor, disabled, and especially Black people through our religious mis-beliefs, mis-education, pipeline to prison, dismantling of the family, and systemic isms – here and abroad.

We are mobilizing and holding town hall meetings with enforcement agencies and we are asking our constituents to buy Black throughout the holidays and, most importantly, on January 14, 2014, there is a national request evolving asking persons to be in solidarity by wearing black on BLACK LIVES MATTER SUNDAY.

Please pray for American and Coalition soul’s killed-in-action,

their families and, especially their children.


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